What is Email Marketing? An Overview

Email marketing is one of the most widely used tools by internet marketers. This article is aimed at discussing the basics of email marketing.

Overview of the email marketing system:

Most of the people know what email marketing is. The common knowledge is “email marketing is marketing the products through emails”. shart90 This is what most of the people in general know about email marketing system & to a certain extent it’s correct.

Prerequisite of email Marketing.:

The first obvious thing which you need to have to start is the list of people to whom you would send the emails through your email marketing program. This list of people is called as “Email Marketing List” in internet marketing world. You must have read on internet that “the money is in the list” etc. These lists are the list of people who have agreed to receive emails from you.

Email Mktg. Do it in a Legal way!

Sending emails to persons who have not agreed to receive emails from the sender is called as SPAMMING.

As per the CAN-SPAM Act, 2003 it is illegal to send spontaneous emails & is a punishable offense.

Most of the new internet marketers don’t know this & start sending promotional emails to whatever email id they could get their hands on. We highly recommend to avoid spamming people as this may result into a legal action being taken against you & also this would destroy your online reputation.

Where would you find the List?

The list of people to whom you can send your emails can be built or you can buy it.

Building the list:

List Building is a long term & continuous activity. You must have seen pop ups or square boxes on websites which ask for your name & email address for sending free updates or for subscribing the free newsletter. Once you put your name & email id in the box you become a subscriber for that website. When you put your name & email address in the form you are “Opting In” to receive emails from that particular site & the list is called as an “Opt in List”. Your email id & name is saved in the database of the program which can send automatic emails to the whole group of subscribers (i.e. list) at pre decided intervals. For example the program can send welcome mails to everyone who subscribes to the list. This program would then send another email after say 3 days from the date the subscriber joined & so on. This program is called an “Auto responder”.

You may please refer my articles on Auto responders for more details.

If you have any website you can build your own list by creating Opt In boxes on your websites. Most of the Auto responder programs available on the internet provide easy to use tools for creating the Opt In boxes & forms which you can easily insert in your own websites.

Buying the Email Marketing List:

There are various sites selling the Opt in leads to internet marketers. The Opt in list may consist of 1000 people or it may contain millions of people. Higher the number of people in the list higher would be the price you need to pay for the list.

Opinions differ about the effectiveness of bought out email marketing leads but we recommend to buy the lists only if you trust the site which you are buying email marketing lists from & the list is targeted towards specific group of people representing particular niche. Let me explain this a little further. The Opt in list created on say for example wallstreetjournal.com would consist of financial niche which would represent a group of people who are interested in financial news or topics.

Moreover, a list build on any business opportunity website would consist of a group of people interested in new business opportunities. For better results we recommend that you should match the interest of the people with what you are promoting through your email marketing campaign.

Email Mktg. & Safe lists:

Safe lists are the groups of people who have agreed to receive the emails or promotional offers from other people in the list in return for sending their own email marketing mails to other people.

Safe lists are built at websites which offer membership (either free or paid) to people. The memberships of the sites allow the members to send emails to all the members & in return they have to receive emails from other members.

Now you must be wondering why these people would be sending emails to each other & what is the benefit of that? Most of these sites have members who are internet marketers who wish to promote their own or affiliate products to others. Opinion differs on the effectiveness of the safe lists but in our opinion safe lists are effective provided you have very large safe lists. With safe lists you can start promoting products immediately even if you don’t have your own website.

You can promote affiliate links to safe list members & earn handsome commissions. With safe lists you need not wait to build your own list. Hence, if you don’t have any website & own list it is better to go for safe lists to start promoting the products.

In summary we have seen that email marketing requires targeted list building. If you have own website you can start building your own email marketing lists with the help of Auto responders. If you don’t have your own website you can start email marketing through Safe lists or Buying email addresses from trusted websites.

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