The Creation of Global Domains International

}Global Domains International is rated #37 of the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the USA. What this means is that this company is successful. For the customer it means they can trust in this company and ensure their website is secure. Global Domains International sells domain names and hosts websites. They have capitalized on a unique idea that has moved this company quickly into the forefront of the world wide web.

A domain name is a websites address. The domain name extension is the part at the end, dot come, for example. Website addresses are used instead of IP address which are a long series of numbers that would be difficult to remember. A typical website address looks something like this: or in the case of Global Domains International the website address would look something like this

nding in dot com. The founders of Global Domains
Building Companies Near Me¬†International, Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir realized that finding a domain name extension other than dot com would become something valuable. They looked at the country codes assigned to each country. For example, the United States has dot us and the United Kingdom has dot uk. They focused on a small country that had yet to capitalize on their domain name extension – Samoa. Samoa is a small country in the South Pacific with a population of less than 200,000. There domain name extension is dot ws. Mike and Alan immediately recognized the marketing potential of ‘ws’ when used as an abbreviation for website.

The reason a good alternative to dot com was needed is that as more people began publishing websites the available names with the dot com extension were dwindling. That made it difficult for a business or person to register the domain name they really wanted. Eventually all the good, easy to remember and logical dot com domain names would be taken. The extension ‘ws’ was perfect because it is easy to associate with the word ‘website’. This is what Michael and Alan recognized and why they set out to convince the country of Samoa that they could profit from their country code.

Michael and Alan met with leaders in Samoa and with the local technology company who had the rights to the code. They told them how they could make a profit off the dot ws and how beneficial it could be to their country. They also explained how they would sell the dot ws domain names. The leaders agreed and allowed Michael and Alan to use the dot ws extension.

Global Domains International quickly took off. The Samoa government told Michael and Alan that they would need to sell 15,000 domain names in the first three years in order for them to continue using the domain extension. This task was completed in the first month. Today Global Domains International has sold domain name registration to large companies like Yahoo! And Intel. The Samoans receive a percentage of sales and is pleased with the partnership with GDI.

GDI has been so successful because it fills a need. The dot com websites soon did become obsolete and other domain name extensions were needed. Mike and Alan have created a user friendly product and offer templates and hosting to help customers build their website. Global Domains International is at the top of its industry because of the hard work and dedication of Michael and Alan

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