Things Wrong With The Prophets

Just about every religion has a prophet; a role model who apparently came to earth to instruct men on how to live in order to have an eternal life in the heavens. Their credibility has never been tested, however, until now. Note the repetitious scenario attached to each of them. Born on 25th December of a virgin birth (impossible), fled from persecution until of an age when they return to perform miracles, finally dying on a cross and being elevated to heaven cansa

There are some 23 examples listed of these so-called prophets and the one most alike to Jesus Christ is Krishna. When threatened as a baby by a jealous king, Cansa, who killed all the young boys he was taken to Egypt and lived there until the age of 12 when he returned to India and his first miracle was to turn water to wine. Does this not ring a bell.

India has a good number of them, such as Indra the sun who was supposedly crucified with 5 wounds, Wittoba, and others. Gregorius illustrated “the Hindu God, Indra (the sun, nailed to a cross with 5 wounds”(Tinetium Alphabetum cited Britten 1879:65).

When early Christians reached Elephantina, such as the British explorer, Moore, he was stunned by the similarity between them and the Christian Christ. He took some images of their crucifixion back to England where they remain in the British Museum. He described Wittoba, whose ancient temple is at Punderpoor, representative “of the Romish crucifix.”(Holt 1996 citing Britten 1887:65)

The number 5 relates to sun-worship and Islam. Celtic crosses bore 5 knobs or bosses (Bayley 1912:132). In Islam one prays 5 times a day while bowing towards the Kaaba at Mecca. It contains the images of the sun and moon in gold. The Islamic flag bears the 5-point star cradled in the arms of the crescent moon.

Islam was the very first organised religion and it started in Babylon. It migrated throughout the region under various names but was taken to Italy by the Amors. They built the city of Roma (reverse Amor) and used the same religion when they became the Romans.

Constantine was one of them and he established the Roman Catholic Church along the same lines. He built the Vatican and put Mary, the mother god of Babylon, in it as the mother of god. He also invented Jesus Christ based on the formula used for Krishna and the Vedic Trinity of India.

There is this warning in the Old Testament prophecies:

“There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have taken the treasure and precious things;… ” Ezekiel 22:25

Constantine buried the real God under lies and a massive wall of deceit. The Spirit is now breaking down that wall so the truth will be established.



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