Credit Repair Tips – 3 Insider Secrets for Best Results

Ok, so you’ve decided to repair your credit. You’ve got your reports in front of you, a highlighter pen and lots of coffee, but just aren’t sure what to do next, right? That’s the exact same place I was when I first tried to raise MY credit score years back, and for all of my good intentions and well thought out planning, I must have sat at my kitchen table for two hours just wondering what to do first! Well, fear not, I’m going to give you three quick tips for speed, efficiency and smarts when filing your first dispute. Ready? Let’s get to work!

1)Do NOT dispute every negative, questionable, or derogatory item on your report the first time out. Credit repair is a process, not a one shot fix. This is the biggest rookie mistake that most credit repair newbies make on their first try out of the gate. Why? Well, think about it for a minute. If you’ve got 9 negative items on your report and you claim all 9 are wrong, what do you think the person looking at your dispute is going to think? Exactly. They know you are doing credit repair – and will be far less likely to process your dispute properly on the grounds of it being a frivolous dispute. The Fair Credit Reporting act gives you the right to dispute negative items on your report so we are in luck – the ONLY time a bureau doesn’t have to comply with your request is when the dispute is considered “frivolous”. So don’t be. Think ahead and be strategic in when and how you dispute each item.

2) Save your best documentation for last. This one almost seems counter intuitive to most, but is one of the most highly effective techniques you can use. Why? Well – if you’ve got good documentation , most people are in such a rush to say -” I’m right, I’m right – look at proof!” that they blow their best weapon up front. Sure – if it’s only that one item you are disputing – use it first. But most people are disputing many, or multiple items. If you’ve used your proof upfront – you can’t re-use it for more items later. For an example – when the credit bureau returns your third dispute by saying – hey, we’ve covered this stuff already and we are not going to change it – that is when you hit them with your documentation! Because there is only one thing the bureaus fear from you: And that is the few and far between people who they REALLY are reporting inaccurately on. So they are afraid of these people when they enter the dispute funnel. Why? Well, t hey don’t want to be sued, and lose! The people who have successfully sued the major bureaus ( and won huge settlements) all tried to have stuff removed using normal channels, and only resorted to suing when they couldn’t get resolution. If they think you may be one of those people, they WILL giddy up and go on your next dispute!


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