The Key to Successful Networking in Order to Earn an Extra Income Online

Online Social Networking means many things to many people, and understandably the key to successful networking also seems vague and overwhelming, but in reality the solution lies in understanding the intricate relationships between the people who operate through networks, in some form or the other, and strike at the right balance. The modern e-age seems to have bestowed an unenviable position to networking, such that everyone is directly or remotely connected with it, as a user in his/her profession and daily life.

The range of services in which networking plays a rather important role covers a wide spectrum and is not restricted to only specialists like lawyers or accountants, – only the working methodology is different – business networking, or word-of-mouth networking. Whichever route is chosen there are other key players who perform their roles in the overall arena of advertising, such as newspapers, radio, and other media, apart from the new-age comp savvy youngish participants     หารายได้เสริมด้วย HUGA SLOT equipped with tools and techniques using websites, search engines, e-marketing and so on.

But how does one find the key to successful networking in such a heterogeneous environment? The following lines define a practical way to achieve success in networking, whichever discipline one is engaged, so long as it is connected to business or professional services. The first and foremost thing to remember is to build relationships , in whichever format, one operates, the direct business network scheme or the traditional word-of-mouth route. Building trust is a two-way operation where, one wants to get something, but also wants to do/give something, so that both parties feel happier, and would like to interact again if need be. This feel-good phenomenon starts to spread on both sides, and one contact leads to another resulting in a successful network chain – which got initiated by the first two players. You can call this the informal linkage route, where the emphasis is on the people through building trust and lasting relationships rather than mere business prospecting.

One needs to adopt similar approaches even in the areas of social networking , such as network events, regular breakfast meetings, established business sector meets and the like, but due to the rules and regulations that impact most of these events, and the plentiful showcasing of skills from other participants, the chances are not too bright to develop greater avenues to successful networking, in a big way. One must be prepared to cull through a lot of wasteful interaction before tasting gainful returns in networking.

Let’s take for example some ideas I use to implement in my home based business: Facebook, Twiiter, MySpace, blogs and also Squidoo . There are so many on the Internet for you to socialize with other people and to promote yourself as a professional business person, let alone a real human being- not a scam artist.

Whichever route informal or formal, one takes in developing business contacts , or the word of mouth route, the key to success in networking seems to lie in focusing on the people, developing relationships and adopting a two-way trust approach, rather than over dependence on merely high-tech gadgetry and electronic-age skills using web-based systems. A judicious mix of both is likely to provide the right keys to the right slots in business networking and lead to well-organized successes in whichever sphFrom peer to pauper to Internet Home Business success.

Life continues to set its own pace, if you allow it to do so. Some of us will have heard this a thousand times from friends and neighbours:-Oh, I could do with some extra cash. So could I, the difference between those who complain and those who act is success.

However, success is within reach of both camps, the moaner and the go getter in equal quantities.

I was sure that God and Fatherland had forsaken me after I lost all I had due to a good friend who would help me run my business. He did, he ran it into the ground. I lost all, my home, my wife, and all my belongings apart from my clothes. The rate at which I lost friends was amazing. The problem was, no more yacht, no more beer, no more barbeques on board etc.

No small wonder I was fed up with life and decided that the warm tropical climate would adequately cover me at night when I slept on the beach. I no longer wanted to speak to the world. I had nothing to say to anyone.

In my wealthier days I was recognised as a member of the more eloquent individual of our city’s society. I used to frequent the yacht club just down the road from the beach, where in my more plentiful days I would hobnob with the elite of the town. The black man who tended the club grounds knew me by sight. The first time I arrived at the club, in my newly found non conformist state, it was early morning. I was dirty and unshaven, he looked at me, clearly recognising me, and as only the local black folk can do when they express surprise, he let out a few priceless expletives, in a sort of very dramatic way, saying: “Ouch Umlungu”… if translated for the sheer power of the expression rather then a literal translation, it beholds something like:- Bloody hell man what happened to you?

It didn’t take a great deal to get him to let me into the change rooms to have a wash.

The guy busy in his locker in the change room knew me. I could see it by the way he looked at me. He surely knew that I had fallen on hard times. A club has an instant message system, somehow these things spread like wildfire. He introduced himself, and very disinterestedly I said a sort of sour Hi. I didn’t recognise him. Strangely enough, I felt no shame at all. He dropped a few coins into the drink slot machine and had a coffee and handed me one too.

I accepted thankfully. Food was not all that plenty full in the dust bins along the promenade. The stranger was long since dressed and obviously ready to head for where ever he was going. He just sat and pretended to be disinterested in me, but as I put my clothes back over my wet body, I had no towel; I could feel his eyes on me.

At two in the afternoon the bar opened and some of the more elderly retired gentleman of the town would be ambling down for a drink or two, an every day ritual for some of the old timers to talk about their yachting prowess. I had to get out of there as I did not feel one bit like attending a pity party. Every body tells you how sorry they are for you, but none of them will put their hands in their pockets to give you even the price of a loaf of bread.

If it had not been for my introduction to the opportunities on the internet to build a home business I am sure I would have continued to live in the bush, I’ll get to that in a minute.


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