Buying a Beachwear Cover Up

More and more women are deciding that their swimwear and beachwear wardrobes are not complete without something to cover up with after the sun drops lower in the sky. The perfect bikini or swimsuit can be complimented so easily with a matching cover up such as a Kaftan, Sarong or Pareo. But which should you go for?

It’s not just the lack of heat from the Sun in the evening that causes us to cover up either. Sometimes our modesty gets the better of us and so we choose to cover up whenever we go for a stroll along the beach. Or, it may be that we have the impression that wearing such a garment will help to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, which it won’t do very well by the way.

Whatever the reason for covering up the manufacturers of swimwear and Summer clothing have cottoned on to the fact that there is a market need to be satisfied and so they have taken a relatively simple traditional garment and propelled it to the rank of ‘must have’ for your Summer wardrobe.

It wasn’t so long ago, that if you wanted a sarong, you would have to wait until you actually went on holiday before you could get hold of one because they simply weren’t available in the shops over here. However, since the Internet has become popular for shoppers, there is no end to the garments that are now available to buy. A sarong for example is a simple wrap around skirt, usually made from brightly coloured fabric. It originates from The islands of the pacific and from Malaysia and Indonesia. But you don’t have to go to Malaysia to buy one any more.

A pareo is another thing entirely. Or is it? The pareo originates from Polynesia and is a relatively simple piece of brightly coloured cloth wrapped around the body in the form of a skirt.

The main difference is that a sarong is almost always worn around the waist, whereas a pareo can be worn in a number of different ways. It could be a larger piece of cloth for example, which allows for it to be tied higher around the body above the breast area. Some women simply rely on their breasts to stop the garment falling down, but for the less trusting, it can also be tied over one shoulder or around the neck as a sort of wrap around dress rather than a skirt.  kaftans

You will tend to find that pareos come in some fantastic printed design fabrics that show off their polynesian origins as well.

At the end of the day a pareo is essentially a larger sarong so they come from pretty much the same idea. Whatever the origin though, your beach wardrobe won’t be complete without one or the other, or maybe even both this Summer.

That just leaves us with the Kaftan. Probably not as practical as a pareo or a sarong and not as versatile, it is however, still becoming more and more popular as a cover up to wear over swimwear on the beach. A traditional Kaftan is really just a simple dress that pulls over the head and is usually quite long. There are some fantastic designs out there and some gorgeous looking kaftans are now available in sheer fabrics so that your gorgeous bikini can be glimpsed underneath.

But back to our original questions. Which should you go for? If you can’t stretch to buying all three types of cover up for your beachwear essentials then the one to go for would be the pareo. It is so versatile that it is almost indispensable. Go for one with authentic polynesian prints that match the colour of your bikini or swimsuit and you can’t go far wrong.

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