Car Alarms: Knowing Their Different Types

the quick brown wolfCar alarms refer to electronic annoyance devices that are mainly installed in cars for the purpose of discouraging thieves from stealing its contents, the car itself or both. These devices function by creating high volume sounds such as a klaxon, siren, annoying horn and siren when certain conditions that are set to trigger the sound are met. The high volume sounds are also usually accompanied by the flashing of the car’s light. There are also more advanced devices that instantly alert the owner through a paging system. There are also certain units that work by creating interruptions on the electronic circuits that are essential in starting a vehicle. If you are on the stage of deciding which among the many car security alarm systems available in the market should you choose, then you should consider taking note of the following types of car alarm systems:

1. Audible Security Alarm System. This is considered to be the simplest out of the many security alarms for vehicles introduced in the market. It uses sensors that are placed in various points of your car. Even the slightest disturbance of these sensors will cause their loud horn concealed in your vehicle to be activated. What makes this alarm beneficial is that you can increase the sensitivity level of its sensors to ensure that they are capable of detecting alarming movements no matter how discreet these are. This helps you in making some adjustments on its sensitivity level depending on the specific environment where you have parked your vehicle.

2. Passive Car Alarm. Passive car alarms are beneficial because these systems do not require you to manually arm them in those instances when you need to leave your car. The alarm of this system can actually be automatically activated every time you put your car to a stop and lock it. More advanced systems feature a specialized key which has a microchip helpful in disabling the alarm after inserting it into the lock. This is an ideal choice for you if you own any of the newer car models.

The good thing about the passive system is that most of them have other features designed to improve the level of security like those that you can use to lock wheels or disable ignition.

3. Standard Car Alarm. This usually comes with a siren, remote control and shock sensor. Other powerful security features are also installed in it including the unlock or lock, the panic mode and the starter kit. It is capable of mimicking your typical factory alarm. The only difference is that the standard car alarm offers more options for proper control.

4. GPS Alarms. This is a good choice if you want to easily trace the whereabouts of your car in case it is stolen. It is also capable of sending an alert either through email or text in the event someone breaks your door and attempts to steal your car. Other popular and powerful car alarms at present are after-market alarms, factory alarms, immobilizing alarms and active alarms. All these are designed to help you guarantee the safety of your vehicle especially if you are far from it.



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