Carhartt Soft Shell Jackets Are Sure To Keep You Warm This Fall

As we say good-bye to another summer, fall means Carhartt is releasing their fall line-up. Since Carhartt begun back in 1889 their product line has consisted of the best workwear for workers. This fall Carhartt is releasing eleven new styles of jackets and coats, the most we have seen in one season debut. In this article we are going to review the Soft Shell jackets that Carhartt is releasing this fall. These jackets are not heavy enough to keep you warm in the winter, but are great options on those cool nights and brisk mornings that the fall season greets us with.

The three new soft shell jackets Carhartt is releasing this fall is the J250 Soft Shell Jacket, J251 Hooded Jacket, and J294 Hybrid Jacket. Each of this jackets have different features allowing you the customer to get the jacket you are in need of without having to pay for extra features you won’t use. Carhartt has made their clothing with different levels of functionality giving the consumer choices. The J250 Soft Shell Jacket is the simplest of the three new soft shell jackets from Carhartt. All three of the jackets are constructed

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with a 8.5-ounce, 94% polyester/6% ripstop nylon bonded to polyester grid-textured fleece. This material gives the jackets a durable water-resistant finish. The J250 Soft Shell Jacket has just a mock-neck collar and an adjustable draw-cord waist. This jacket has many pockets scattered throughout the jacket allowing you to be able to carry all those necessary items.

The J251 Hooded Jacket gives you all the features of the J250 Soft Shell Jacket but gives you the hood to keep you head warm. Many people prefer these type of jackets with a hood as you always have it with you but that doesn’t mean you have to utilize it. The mock-neck collar is utilized by many workers who are required to be in a vehicle often. The hood has a tendency to cause discomfort in the neck area with the headrest in many vehicles. With these two jackets being offered at the same price it’s really a personal preference to go with the hood or not.

Lastly, the J294 Hybrid Jacket from Carhartt is a slightly higher priced jacket, however has increased features for consumers. The lower part of the garment remains the same construction as the J250 and J251 jackets, however the upper garment is constructed of 100% nylon quilt. This 100% nylon quilt will give the jacket an extra sense of warmth and protection against the wind. The hood on the J294 Hybrid Jacket also features barrel-lock adjusters allowing you to cinch the hood tight on those windy days. All three of these soft shell jackets are great additions to the extensive outerwear line for Carhartt. These jackets prove that Carhartt continues to innovate their products to help make sure your clothes don’t limit you on the job site.



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