Premium Web Cart Review

The Premium Web Cart review is one that I have been meaning to do for quite some time but often times it’s hard to pay attention to the good child when there are other kids running, screaming, and throwing food at the table.

And so it is with product reviews, the negative reviews tend to get completed before the positive reviews because more thehypercart people complain than compliment. But while my list of negative product product reviews grows each day, it’s important that I keep a balanced approach and highlight the good products as well as the losers on my list.

Premium Web Cart Review – Trend Setter or Simply Strange?

The #1 feature of Premium Web Cart is also the hardest feature to explain and it’s the hardest concept for most people to understand. There are advantages to being the creator of unique technologies and there are disadvantages as well so you’ll need to read this entire review in order to make up your mind about the sanity of the folks at

The major advantage of being a trend setter is that you now have something that nobody else has and you receive the benefits of owning the entire market by yourself. The disadvantage is trying to get people to understand what you have and why they need something they’ve never seen before.

Apple does this very well. Think about their iPhone and how revolutionary it was to be a phone and to not have a keypad when every other phone since the invention of the phone had a keypad, and then to replace it all with a touch screen interface. With all truly great ideas, the new concept had to be explained in great detail, but once people “got it” the touch screen became the de facto standard for all smart phones.

The long running keypad as the standard interface for smart phones is now as dead as the bouffant hairdo or the Sony walkman. Both had their period in the sunshine but now it’s over and time to move on.

Online Shopping Cart Software Revolution

Premium Web Cart appears to be forcing the online shopping cart software in an entirely new direction with the introduction of this one amazing change in the product philosophy as well.

Shaking up the traditional business mindset of: 1 website = 1 shopping cart license and 2 websites = 2 shopping cart licenses, Premium Web Cart flips this model on it’s head and changes the equation to: 1 shopping cart license = unlimited website businesses.

One simple change in the equation equals a truly revolutionary way of looking at how you run and market your online ecommerce business.

The old pricing model meant that you paid the license price multiplied by the number of website businesses that you wanted to run. But With Premium Web Cart, you actually divide the cost of the license by the number of websites that you want operate.

In other words, it’s like going to a smorgasbord where you pay one price and eat all you choose. The more you eat, the lower the cost per bite.

This Is How Premium Web Cart Works

To better grasp how this revolutionary concept works, it’s best to think about another program that incorporated this same basic concept years ago. A Microsoft Excel workbook is a perfect example to use as the workbook concept is very similar to the way in which PremiumWebCart has created their system.

When you open an Excel workbook, by default there are 3 tabs at the bottom of the page and each one of these tabs represents a separate worksheet. Each worksheet has the look, form and all the functionality of Excel.

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