The Top Rated Internet Marketing Products of 2010

I want to let you know what in my view are the top rated internet marketing products of 2010. There are always a huge number of new products released each year, however in my view some of the older products are still some of the best.

For site building there is little doubt that WordPress is the best way to go if you need to develop a site quickly. There are many tools that can be used to help get a site up quickly and WordPress has many add-ons and schemes that will let you get a top quality site up and working quickly. If you have the money to spare WordPress Direct is a great tool that works in conjunction with another of my favorites Market Samurai.

WordPress Direct is a rapid site building tool that incorporates tools to automate your site building and updating, which removes a big burden from you. It is advisable however to check the quality of the material that is being added to your site regularly to ensure that it is really relevant and in order to remove spam. These tools are not just my favorites but are also used by Ed Dale and Dan Raine of the Challenge (formerly known as the 30 Day Challenge).

There are a lot of traffic generating software programs that help to t back-links and bookmarks and the one I use carefully is Traffic Bug (about to be re-launched as Ping Kaching). This one is definitely worth looking at you really want to automate in a nice clean and legal way. I still like to make most of my back-links manually but this certainly helps you to quickly find sites to use and will suggest categories to which to submit.

Market Samurai helps with research, niches, rank tracking, keywords, monetization, competition checking and finding sites to back-link with as well as help with Google AdWords as it is a one time purchase I think it is a must have for any serious internet marketer.

However the one program that I can not live without is the Wealthy Affiliate University. This one keeps me up to date on absolutely everything that is going on in the Internet Marketing World and has 1,000’s of courses and lessons on the techniques we all have to use. If you really do not want to buy another tool this is the one that I personally find the most useful. I hope that this has helped you and wish you every success in your efforts in Internet Marketing. Remember These are my choices as the top rated Internet Marketing Products of 2010.

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