In the defense of soul musicandrsquo;s would-be future hall-of-famers, these comparisons and criticisms are through no fault of their own. Most are simply the victims of a society that has a schoolyard love affair with commercialized mediocrity and with this acceptance, comes high standards. While there is certainly no lack of talent on the market, one could argue that the unpleasant array of garbage music leaves a lot to be desired.

There was no American Idol when Smokey Robinson wowed with the Motown Sound. Rick James couldnandrsquo;t leverage MySpace to gather virtual fanfare nor pump his music through CD Baby. In the old days, talent was an absolute must. To be mild, the music industry has let a few one hit blunders slip through the cracks in modern times. So, even though Beyonceandrsquo; has definitely made her mark, letandrsquo;s not crown her the new queen of soul just yet – Aretha Franklin would probably agree.

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