It is must that Industries/Companies of all sizes need to ensure that their workers keep track of their time worked, especially if they are working on lots projects. This type of time management is essential to keep track of what employees are working on as well as for keeping a record of the billing process to outside employees. Employers use a time management system so that they can keep track of the time and attendance of their employees. There are several different types of software on the market that can log employee time with andldquo;online timesheetandrdquo; tools that will keep track of the time that employees work. If an employee is working on several projects at once the company will want to use time tracking software so that there is a record of time spent on each job. Software is available, such as a time recorder, that allows the employee to start tracking when they begin working on a project, and when they cease the work to move on to a new project. This type of software is great for the time management that is needed when it comes to billing clients and keeping them up to date with the progress of their project.

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