According to a survey conducted by Sloan Consortium in 2010, there has been a spurt in demand for both face-to-face and online college degree programs. With the economy slowly showing signs of sustained, robust growth, investing in college education to secure a stable and well-paying career is perhaps not a choice any moreā€”it has become a necessity.

More Education = Higher Earnings

Bureau of Labor Statistics findings also show that there is evidence that education is directly related to higher earnings and lower instances of unemployment. According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics2, those who had a master s degree earned more than those who held a bachelor s or lower degree in 2010. Similarly, the rate of unemployment among those who had completed graduate degree programs was much lower than those who had joined the workforce with undergraduate degrees.What this data seems to suggest is that more education doesn t only lead to higher earning potential, but can also make individuals more employable.

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