Not creating a Versatile Design

It would be more practical to create designs for different purposes. For instance, when designing a logo, they should consider the way it will look on different marketing channels, promotional items and anywhere they will use it. A brand logo should be used for different purposes. This can help establish brand consistency as well as save time, effort and money that would otherwise be spent for designing artwork again for other pieces.


Simplicity is the best when it comes to web design. Though anything can be added to a design this does not necessarily mean that this should be done. So, web owners should not go overboard with their design and Photoshop filters. Including too much stuff in a web design will only confuse and distract viewers. They will have a hard time extracting info from the piece. Web designs should be able to breathe ad flourish. This means there is no need to fill all the blank spaces. Leaving some whitespace in the image will allow it to be clutter-free, easy to understand and visually appealing.


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