These days the whole idea of making telephone calls or long distance calls come under the concept of VoIP services. The reasons for this change is clear as the they are much more cost effective and people tend to opt for it obviously for economical reasons. Recently, VoIP usage is rising tremendously. It has been figured that the number of new phone activations for VoIP surpassed the new activations for the traditional phone services. This is the first time record in the history of telephone services. More and more business concerns have been upgrading themselves to VoIP and moreover residential VoIP is also gaining popularity these days.

Many types of VoIP service providers are in the market and depending upon the needs and situations, you have to choose the best service. The computer based or software providers are the most common among the service providers. Also they are most commonly used by people. This type of service can be used for free for PC to PC communication over the internet. The procedure would be relatively easy for getting these types of services.

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