Different forms of distance learning have been in existence for ages now. Course material was once delivered by mail and an education away from school was always an alternative, albeit not entirely a popular one at the time. But all this changed with the advent of computers and the Internet. Thanks to e-mail, multi-media learning tools, video-conferencing and interactive communication, distance learning has reached an entirely new level of acceptance. Statistics show that there are nearly 1.6 million students in the U.S. today taking advantage of online education.

So, what does distance learning imply nowadays? To put it simply, distance learning is a means of education, which has done away with the traditional format of an educational premise or establishment. Brick and mortar institutions have given way to degree programs and courses available round the clock on the Internet and accessible from anywhere in the world. As more and more schools and colleges include virtual education into their curriculum, the quality of distance learning also improves. It is however, still imperative to verify that the institution offering the online degree is fully accredited by the necessary agencies – governmental or non-governmental – so as to ensure that the quality of training and education meets all the levels required.

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