After finding a pair of shorts you like, you’ll want to move on to gloves. Speak with your trainer to find out what weight and glove type they recommend (Boxing, Grappling, Muay Thai, etc) for the style of training that you’ll be participating in. Brand-wise for Sparring and Fight Gloves I always recommend either Fairtex or Hayabusa. Spending a little extra will go long way when it comes to gloves. Think about the quality of leather and stitching required. A good pair of gloves can last you for years while a sub-par pair may start to rip and fall apart much sooner.

After you’ve been training for awhile and have moved on to a tougher training regimen a.k.a. sparring and live go’s, you’ll need to start thinking about other equipment such as shin guards, head gear, and possibly your own thai pads as well. This comes with time and I will cover it in another article.

Finally, you’re going to need some sort of Gear Bag to carry your brand new (or gently used) MMA training and fight gear in. Don’t fret, More and more MMA brands are making bags and backpacks these days, but you certainly don’t have to go with a Mixed Martial Arts brand. There are plenty of huge brands like Adidas or Nike that make great martial arts gear bags.

Be sure to stick with the popular brands and popular MMA stores and you will do great. As always, I suggest MMA Overload due to their wide selection and customer service. Have fun and don’t break a leg, tap!

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